Tuesday, June 2, 2009

PPOCC Safari - Race Point Beach

Hi all,

Last night, several photographer friends and members of the PPOCC (Professional Photographers of Cape Cod) went out to Race Point Beach in Provincetown for an evening of night landscape photography.... along with sitting by a great bonfire, eating s'mores and sharing photo stories... :-)

The sky wasn't clear enough to see the stars but the high clouds passing overhead provided a nice effect in the moonlight. The top photo below shows our bonfire on the beach, the Moon in the sky and the letters PPOCC spelled out with a red flashlight during the time exposure. This technique is called painting with light. I used a Canon 5D and 17-40L lens at f/11. The exposure was 43 seconds at ISO400.

It was a really fun evening at one of the most beautiful spots on the Cape! Enjoy the view!


P.S. Ed, Christine and Marcia make great bonfire models....... ;-')

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