Monday, August 16, 2010

Stacie & Michael - Chatham Bars Inn

Hey everyone!

I'm now up to posting July weddings so here's the first.... Stacie & Michael were married at the beach side Boat House at the Chatham Bars Inn on July 9th.  As always, CBI was beautiful.  We had some of that good old Chatham fog that this part of the Cape is known for... especially in the summer.  It actually turned out to be amazing conditions for photography.  The fog was just lite enough to create one mega soft box out of the Sun.... the light was so soft and gorgeous... for a photographer, it was in heaven... :-)

I also have to give a bit of a background on one of the photos.... if you've ever been to CBI, you know that they always keep a old Ford car parked out in front of the main inn... it makes for some great photos with the bride and groom... well, getting Michael to take a photo in front of a Ford automobile was not the easiest..... lol!!!  You see, Mike is a big car guy and is a Chevy man at heart.... so it was a big deal to be seen next to a Ford, especially on his wedding day!  So I'm glad Stacie convinced him to take the photo.... it's a favorite of mine....not so sure about Mike though..... ha!!!  Long live the Ford vs. Chevy debate...... and yes, we all know which one is king..... Chevy!!... right Mike......  :-)

Congratulations to Stacie and Michael for tying the knot!  And also thanks to Kate and the whole staff at CBI for making it such a pleasure to work there!


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